You create reminders using normal, colloquial English:

remind me to buy groceries every Sunday evening

next Wednesday at 9pm, can you remind me that Jen is visiting?

You can also use a shorthand - just type a task followed by a time:

call joe about rent tomorrow at 1:15pm

take medicine in 3 hrs


What if you get a reminder from Carla but can't take care of it right away? Just hit snooze!

snooze 30 min

snooze until Friday

And Carla will remind you again after the specified amount of time.

Correcting Carla

What if Carla creates the wrong reminder for you? You can correct her by just replying "no" followed by whatever you'd like change. For example:

no, at 3 pm if Carla got the time wrong

no, pick up flowers if Carla got the task wrong

You can also cancel a reminder right after you've created it by texting stop or cancel


Text Carla schedule to see a list of your reminders for the day!


You can easily stop a recurring reminder by texting Carla stop or cancel in response.

Carla won't send you that reminder again.

Carla allows you to add events to your Google calendar or check your availability with a single text message.

This feature requires you to grant Carla access to manage your Google calendars, which you can do here if you haven't yet:

Text book me and an event and a time to add it your calendar:

book me for coffee with Jane Wed 3 pm

Hi, please book me for doc appt. 12/28 12-1pm.

You can also check your availability by texting free and a time:

free Thurs 8-10pm

Hey Carla, am I free tomorrow at 2 pm?

In response, Carla will either tell you that you're free, or list out the events on your calendar during that time range.

Trackers are a question that Carla can ask you on a recurring basis. Simply respond to your tracker when Carla texts you, and you'll receive a weekly summary with your responses.


If you'd like to pause a tracker, just reply pause or stop. Carla will stop asking you the question but you'll keep all your data.

You can also review all your responses to your trackers, create a new tracker, or unpause a tracker anytime by logging into your account and clicking on 'Trackers'.


On your laptop or at work? You can reach Carla by sending an email to

Just type your request in the subject line and leave the email body empty. If you create a reminder via email, Carla will still remind you via a text message.


To create a new list for groceries, just type: new list groceries

Then, you can add to it at any time: add milk to groceries

It's easy to add multiple items: add eggs, cheese, chives to groceries

Or remove items from it: remove milk from groceries

Or just read it: get groceries

To remove everything from it (you just went shopping): clear groceries


Tags are an easy way to group related thoughts or text together. All you need to do is start off with a tag’s title and everything afterwards will be grouped under the same hashtag:

#thoughts Would like to learn more American history.

#startupideas a photo app that lets you add various filters

#journal today, visited the MOMA, had lunch with jennifer, went to black eyed peas concert.

You also create a new tag using the same hashtag syntax. Let’s say you're at a networking event, have just met a ton of people, decide to create a new tag to track people you’ve met:

#people joe at the marketing summit, has red hair

At any time, you can retrieve the latest items from the tag by texting:

get #thoughts

get #people

Log into your account to view your tag’s contents in details, including timestamps.

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