What is Carla?

Carla stands for an acronym: Conversational Automated Reminder and self-Learning Application.

Carla is a virtual assistant, available via text message 24/7. With a single text message you can set a reminder, start a daily journal, and more.

Just remember something you have to do tonight? Shoot off a short text to Carla: “finish application 9pm”.

Trying to track how much you exercise? Create a tracker and Carla will ask you on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about tracking it yourself every day.

You can also send reminders to friends and family through Carla Contacts. Once you add a contact, its easy to send them a reminder, for ex: “Remind Jen to mail me the keys tomorrow at 4 pm”

While Carla is a simple, intuitive interface for sending reminders and more, Carla is not a general-purpose AI, such as a Siri. If you ask Carla like, “Where is the nearest Taco Bell?” or “What’s the capital of Tanzania?” Carla will just get confused, or maybe ignore you.

Our mission

Our mission is provide you with a virtual assistant to “offload your brain”, freeing you up to live a more organized, happier life.

We’re big believers in the Getting Things Done philosophy: that you need to “capture” every to-do, or otherwise it causes a mental drag. Many people have their own system to do this already. We’re offering our own system. It works for us and we hope it will help you too.


How do I sign up for Carla?

Just text 213-465-7640! Carla will guide you through the sign-up process over text.

Where can I submit feedback?

Please email us at feedback@mail.carla.io. We’d love to hear what you think.

What if something's broken?

Just to be sure, text "help" to get a menu of commands, or visit carla.io/help for full docs. If it's still broken, shoot us a note at feedback@mail.carla.io.

Is Carla free?

Carla is always free use for your first month. Just text 213-465-7640 or sign up right here (no payment info required).

After one month, we will ask you to pay a small annual license fee of $9 to continue use. If after a month of usage, you find Carla useful to you, we hope you’ll pay the small license fee (about the cost of one of these) to ensure Carla keeps running.

Do you use or share my data in any way?

No we do not. We take your privacy seriously. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

Does Carla show ads?

Carla is 100% ad-free.

Does Carla work outside of the United States?

Carla currently only works in the United States. Our supported timezones are ET, CT, MT and PT. We hope to expand to more timezones soon!

Why does Carla use text message?

We wanted to build Carla on an interface that the vast majority of people use day-to-day. It’s our priority to build something that is easy-to-use and always accessible. Text message is always accessible, and sending a command to Carla is as easy as texting a friend -- something most of us do many times a day.